Everything you need to know about decorating your home ❤️


Home is the place where you feel the most "you" possible. It is the place that offers you comfort and safety, and you have the power to furnish or decorate your home as you have always dreamed. 

Now you have the change to project your dreams into the reality you live every day. With the help of the interior design "FROM SCRATCH" course, you will be able to transform your home into a corner of Heaven.

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All in 4 hours (10 chapters) 

and over 1400 members 

  1. Elements of interior design
  2. Let's lay the foundation of design
  3. Choice of colors
  4. The right lightning
  5. The most popular interior design styles
  6. Kitchen ergonomy
  7. Rules and distances
  8. Designing a small space
  9. Organization of space
  10. Example apartment design
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 eBook interior design FROM SCRATCH

• Basic information, presented "in short", on how to turn your home into a corner of heaven and be happy in it. 

• Friendly format understandable to everyone.

• Over 90 informative and illustrative pages.


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A beginner's guide to interior design

•Detailed information, with concrete examples, on how to transform your home into a corner of heaven in just 4 hours.

• Friendly format understandable to everyone. 

• Includes course support (400 slides).


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